Mar 29, 2007


Just thought I would start using this again. I am going to start journaling on this more for those who care and just for me. So much goes on in our lives all along the day to day sameness, it is nice to have it down in print to remember.
Joe has been recently promoted to the Sales Rep for Idaho and Montana. He is doing AWESOME. He is also still managing the 8 guys he has hired in the past year and will continue to do that too. So technicly he will be working two jobs since as the full time tech rep he works for WTI and as the Sales Rep he works for Tremco. So it will be nice, two checks too!! Everyone that knows Joe knows he can do it!! I think he is really enjoying it too. I guess I should have figured after going to school full time, working full time and wrestling and still managing to pull off a high GPA, and raise a family and keep a marriage happy that he does his best when he is busy!! I really am grateful for such a wonderful man!!
Ok so if you haven't guessed he has been gone for since Sunday, they had a training for his guys in LA, so I guess I miss him!! He is on his way home right now, Kathiann is picking him and Jade up so that I wouldn't have to wake the kids up.
I had a great party tonight!! It is so frustrating, one day I am complaining that I am too busy and I am never doing another party again and then I go and have a great one like tonight and can't give it up!! Everyone loved the clothes tonight and I got two bookings. I do love that I just played dress up with a bunch of girls and made $200!! Can't beat that! But I now I have to process the order which is no big deal, but it just seems like so much work sometimes, but I guess that is how it is suppose to be, you can't really get money for nothing I guess.
We got a Gym membership last week and I love it. We got it at Gold's. They have free child care, and Lightning is in Heaven. The lady is so sweet that works there, she does little art projects with them, and if there aren't too many babies in there she will take them over to a court and let them play ball and run. He thinks it is his little school. The kid is dying to go to school, it is so sad that he has another year before he can begin!!! I just don't know if preschool is going to be enough for him!!
Rodee and Sam are doing great in school, but definatly ready for summer and so am I! Our sprin break is a joke, they get a thursday and Friday then a Monday and Tuesday!! I am takeing them out the last three days of that week anyway, we are going to Idaho. My friend Shelly is getting married and I am doing the photo's! It will be my first "real" job I guess you could say for my budding amature career!! hee hee!
I finally got my dream camera last week and I am dying to see just exactly I can do with it then. When Joe finally shows me how to get my pictures off my camera safely with out ruining my card like I did on my last camera I will have to post some that I have been playing with. Of course I have the most beautiful subject. Sophie has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!! They are like Violet blue! No idea where they came from, Joe has light almost grey blue eyes, and my are hazel. She is so fun!!
Well, Joe just made it home so I am going to run! I will write more soon!

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