Aug 1, 2005

Idaho Falls Temple

On our way home from our quick trip to Idaho, we stayed in Idaho falls. We slept in and so we found out the next sacrament meeting wasn't going to begin until 1:00. We decided to go over to the temple next door to wait. We went into the visitor center. It was such a great experience. We walked in and Sam was just looking around and then literaly shouted, "THEY HAVE THE GOLD PLATES" then went running into the next room, to see a replica of the plates in a glass box. It took a little convincing about the fact that they weren't the actual plates but it inspired great discussion. We also had the opportunity to watch the Testiments again. It was incredible. The boys had not had a chance to see it yet so it was a great experience. We made it to sacrament meeting just in time and then just afterward headed the rest of the way home. It was a a great way to end a great weekend!

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