Jul 12, 2011

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Summer is here! I can't believe it! With our move in may, and wrapping up PTA for the year, then scout day camp one week, and 11 year old camp another week, and sending Vance off to boy scout camp this week, it is just beginning to feel like summer!!  I LOVE summer. But to be honest it is so rare here in Washington that even when the calander says it is summer, that it feels that way.

We had Kjari's 5th birthday party over the weekend, which included great sunny weather, swimming, water balloon fights, tons of good BBQ foods with friends and family!  It felt like it had truly begun.

Life has been so busy, that I really want to enjoy it when I can this summer. I want to soke up the little sun we get, and not stress about my house and laundry, I want to play with my kids in the pool and not think about all I should be doing inside. It is so short... summer and time with my kids. I hope I can hold on to this time as long as I have it.


The DeMark Family said...

I agree with you .... leave the laundry, dishes and cleaning for another time. They are only little once. That's it. That's all we get. Laundry is always there. As are the dishes. And we know too well that there is always something to clean :)

Enjoy our kids while we still can. School will start soon enough (too soon if you ask me) and all that will be waiting for us.


becky said...

I hear ya! Summer is going by way too fast and I haven't taken the time to enjoy it much. You've inspired me to take my kids to the park today. We miss you guys!