Nov 13, 2010

Day 1: Recent Picture and 15 interesting facts about Me!!

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Ok, Kjellsen took this of me playing with the camera sometime in September. I honestly could not find anything else of me....note to self. I played with it and edited it, but he is a pretty good little camera man!! I now have black if you know me well, my  look changes on a monthly oh well!!

Ok this will be tough.... I am not that interesting.... 15 things.......

1. I miss my family and friends in Idaho alot. I hate that we have always lived away from home, and as much as we have always made "homes" where ever we lived, there is ALWAYS apart of me who hopes we return to Idaho someday.

2. I learned to play the piano by ear when I was young. A curse and a blessing. I have a strong ear for pitch because of it. But I can't read notes very fast.  I LOVE to sing, wish I sang in perfect pitch. The curse is, it is really hard for me to sing around or hear someone singing off pitch.

3. I secretly wish I was a home school  mom. I love NOT being forced to live on a schedule, NOT having to answer to others about MY children, just simply having time with my kids and being apart of those moments when they add things to there brains they will keep forever.

4. I am easily distracted. I can be very passionate about something one day and on to something new the next. 

5. I worry alot. I have a hard time getting things out of my mind. Especially things about my children.

6. I am easily pleased as far as gifts go. I don't really take alot to be happy or to feel loved. Works great for my husband. I seriously would be annoyed with expensive jewelry. I honestly don't see the appeal. Its not just my stage of life either, I just seriously don't see why you would spend so much money on rocks, no matter how pretty they are. Take me on a trip, a vacation, or an experience I won't forget, not some jewelry that could be lost in a second and gone forever. Flowers too, I think roses are pretty, but not worth the money, now pick me some wild flowers to fill my house with, and I am a happy girl!!  Chocolates, ok, but give me some Greek olives and Gouda cheese... I will smile for a long time. If someone, including my husband, forgets a birthday, or anniversary or whatever, no big deal, I get it!! I am the worst at remember such things. If he tells me he loves me everyday, I am happy! 

7. I love funny things my kids will say. Especially when they are not trying to be funny!! 

8. I am a consistent parent.........on two thing, and two things only. My kids know that I love them. Unconditionally!!  My children know that I know, why I am here and what our purpose on this earth is.
Other then that, I could use alot of help, getting on the consistent train!!  Hence my wild children...whom I love.

9. I LOVE going to the movies!!  It happens about twice every 3 or 4 years, but I love it!!  I need to live in a town that has a dollar theatre!!  I would defiantly go more often, like maybe 4 times in 3 or 4 years!! :) (Yes I know I live in a town that has a $7 theatre, but I am just that cheap!!)

10. I love my mom. The older I get, I realize how sooo much alike we are. She loves me unconditionally. And she doesn't wine when I don't call her every week!!  We love the talks we both have, but we don't hold it against each other when we don't get the chance. My mom is an amazing, strong women. I hope to be more like her when I grow up!!

11. On that note, I am not a good friend. Interesting? I don't know, but its true. What I mean is, I am not a very consistent friend. (there is that word again...consistent...hows a girl like me with so many thoughts and ideas, suppose to be that way!!)
My family comes first. Always. And Always will. Like it or not, it just is. But even before family, I was kind of the same way. I will be there when you need me. No question. Just ask and I am there, to listen, to help, whatever. But if you don't tell me you need me, you  might not hear from me for a while. My best of best friends know this about me. We can pick up from where we left off, and no one is hurt by it at all. I want to be better at this, but it is what it is for now. I have been this way since I was a child. I think it might come from being born with two best friends. I never had to really learn to make friends, they were just there. And when you have known each other that long, you sort of have to take it how it is... you know, you are locked in for life!! haa haa  So I hope to be a better friend someday.

12. My husband is hot. This is really not about me, but it sort of is. When I was younger, I was very, very dumb. I dated a guy, who lets just say, wasn't the best looking guy around. He ended up not being so nice either, It didn't go so well, From then on, I simply thought that looks were sooooo important!! HAAHHAA so little did I know.  I was really mean, first off, I would never have even considered going out with any guy who was shorter then me. And if he didn't have just the right look, I would seriously become really annoyed and avoid them. Mind you I am almost 6 feet tall!!  I am sure I missed out on some really great guys who simply were inches shorter then me....but I digress!  I am very fortunate to have ended up with a really good looking, but also amazing, giving man. I say lucky, because I am sure I couldn't have know all that during our short dating period before I agreed to marry him!  But I did know that one thing.... He is hot!! :) 

Ok this is really hard...... what else????

13. I hated reading growing up. I am sure with my Narcolepsy I just simply could never get into a book before falling asleep, so I understand why, but I always felt really dumb about it. Now that I am older I have learned that when I read something I am really interested in, then I love it!! I need something new to read though, it has been  awhile since I have read much that keeps me interested.

14. I really hate the daily tasks of keeping a house up. BUT... something I LOVE to do, is to have the house empty... with no children around.... with good music cranked up really loud, and have a whole day to clean. The kind of cleaning when you are done, your house smells clean. Your sheets are new and crisp, and smell of fabric softener.  It is seriously mood altering for me....I am sick I know..... :)

Ok, one more, I think I can do this.....

15. I have an unwavering testimony of who my Savior Jesus Christ is, and what he has done for me. Because of this, I am very forgiving. There is nothing that I cannot get over, and nothing that goes unforgiven in my book. I am grateful for this, and I take it as a blessing.

Wow, I did it, I don't know if it is very interesting, but it will be fun to look back on this someday and learn more about who I am now! If anyone actually read all of this! Feel free to comment!!

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Martie said...

I LOVED reading this, friend. I'm glad you're participating!! And I'm very glad you're back! :O)