Oct 10, 2010

Idaho Cousins......

Last month I was able to attend Time out for Women in Idaho with my sister, mom, sister and law and some friends and there mom. It was so fun. In the meantime, my truly amazing husband had the kids and they got to hop around and visit all of the Idaho cousins. They spent Friday evening with my Brother Aaron and his three kids. They Spent the night and had tons of fun. The next day, Kjell drove out to see my sister's kids, and took them all seven fishing!!  They had so much fun!!  I wish we had pictures of that, Vance says he took some but can't find his camera.... could come later! That evening, my brother's kids came over. By this time we were home from the conference. They had a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's. I caught them all in the middle of watching a movie!!  My kids love to visit all of there cousins in Idaho. It too bad there is so much time between when they can see each other!! 

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