Apr 14, 2010

Our Visit to Grandma Zola

It was so nice to see Grandma Zola during spring break this month. We went down with Kjell on some jobs in Portland. We visited some of our old homes we lived in, and even dropped by Vance's elementary school and got to see his teacher that he had for kindergarten and first grade. He loved that!! 
It was really hard seeing Grandma this way, she is very tired. Kjari and her really hit if off, it was so cute, they were dancing together!  It was really special to see. The boys were a little nervous, but I think it was good for them. I stayed for an extra hour alone and Kjell took the kids back to Aunt Linda's house. It was bitter sweet. It is hard seeing someone you love in front of you, but not sure if they really know you are there. Kjell gave her a blessing before we left. She did not want us to go, adn that was heart breaking. I love my Grandma. She is an amazing women who has lived a wonderful, honorable life.


Kim Myers said...

We need to go see Grandma. I am glad you got to see her.

vaxhacker said...

I'm glad you got to see her when you were here. She goes through some really tough periods, as well as times she seems to do better but even at the best times is not doing too well. I'm sure getting to visit was a big highlight of her day!