May 5, 2009

I Heart Faces - week 17
Kids catagory:
I have never done this before and by no means consider myself a proffesional, but I love photography!!! This week's contest is asking for faces with hats! I remembered this photo I had taken of Kjari, it has always been one of my favorites.
If you want to see more of the photo's entered check it out at


Nancy Brown said...

this is a very cute photo. she is darling... a very cheap ( and free if you want it to be) is you might find you love photography even more. I am not a professional either but have found that with photoshop and that program my photos are way better

come on over..


jennifer said...

is that the lens cover she has?! my baby swats at ours all the time. what a sweet shot.

Amy said...

How adorable! She's like a tiny Betsy Ross. :) Now you just need Kjellsen to dress up as George Washington.

PS- Congrats on being spotlighted on that blog, this picture (and hence, you) totally deserved it.