Nov 19, 2008

My thoughts

Ok, I have not written in a while, and need to get a battery charger before I can post more pictures, I mean I don't know why I don't have it yet, I mean, I am only a temporary single mom of four, busy with a primary calling that keeps my up at night and trying to get a house ready to sell, and pack and move in less then a few months! No big deal right????
Funny, but I am really happy right now. Wierd how that is though, how the busier I am the happier I am. Odd, I know but

So, I am busy, nothing new. But promised myself I would get on here and post something!! Vance and I have made a committment to each other to read The book of Alma and write in our journal everyday for the next two weeks. So, I am honoring that commitment, so if I don't write here I will write in my journal, but this seems for some odd reason easier! Who knows!

Our primary program is over and it was amazing! It was wonderful. I forget how much the spirit always steps in and makes it great! It feels good to have that behind us, and ready to move on as a new presidancy!

Gjori's birthday is this Saturday, I am on it! I am usually so last minute, but we have a party planned and he is sooo excited. The very best part is Daddy will be home!!!!! YEAH!!!!

I am babysitting today, so have to run! Kjari has to be watched!!! I will have to post the funniest picture of her in her camo pants with a tutu, she dressed herself in. Sooooo her! A little bit of sweet, with a lot of rough!!

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Martie said...

I had to laugh over the camo/tutu comment. That is soooo Harper!

I hope you have a happy reunion this weekend! :O)

You're awesome.