Aug 22, 2008

"I do it!"

I have so many pictures to post from our trip this summer, but they are all on Kjell's camera and he is back out of town. So... instead of just NOT blogging, I decided I would go on. I took this picture this morning laying in bed, while we were "sleeping in". That smile says it all. Pure contentness and Joy! Kjari (ok I am baggin the name thing!!) is in such a fun stage right now. I call it the "I do it" stage. But I love watching her! I love how it takes her 3 minutes to buckle her carseat, but insists that "I do it, I do it". What is it about that? I am a mom of four kids. To be honest with my first few kids, I would have told you this stage was the hardest for me. I remember feeling so frustrated by, waiting for them to "do it". I would get in power struggles with them. I don't know why, maybe it is because she could be our last, but I just simple see it so different. I know this stage won't last. And to see the joy in here eyes when she says "I did it" is truly priceless and worth the wait and the time to watch her little mind work as she decides which way to twist the strap to make it fit the right way. Now, I recall when my boys were younger people told me, oh, enjoy this time it goes away quickly, I honestly would feel, like good, I hope it does. I don't think I was wrong, just a crazy busy young mom. But what I am learning is, the great wisdom that our Heavenly Father has given for us to have more then your average 1.2 children!! I honestly believe the joy I learn as I re go thru stages, can not be found any other way. I am so truly greatful that I have the kids that I have. They are not easy. I am sooo not perfect. But I am learning that there is joy in hearing, "I do it," and "I did it!"

In the grander sceam of things, maybe we say that to Him, our Father in Heaven. When we are young and beginning our parenting journey, we are constanty, yelling, "I do it, I do it." Let me do it my way! How He must want to just take over, and show us the easier way. He is so truly patient with us, and I believe with all my heart that he does feel pure joy along with us when we proclaim, "I did it, I did it."


Mark and Kiss said...

Crystal. I totally love your insight and could not agree with you more. We are at the same point with a two year old, and it is more amusing now than frustrating. Your posts always give me something to think about and are inspiring. Thank you.

Mark and Kiss said...

Hey Crys! I totally appreciated your comments on my blog today. You are awesome. Good luck this Sunday! -Kiss

The TAUFA'S said...

There are definetly good days on having them "do it" but it is also hard to let them grow up and actually "do it".